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The Matrix Rewritten:

I saw The Matrix Revolutions at a 2 PM (EST) 
matinee showing on opening day (5 November 2003).
When I got back home and was browsing the web,
I saw a message on slashdot saying: 
Fan reaction (Score:5, Funny)
by bobdotorg (598873) 
on Wednesday November 05, @01:22PM (#7398296)
I saw it in Westwood (a trendy part of Los Angeles) and there
was a video crew filming fan reactions outside the theater.
"Give us your opinion of the movie," they asked.
I replied,
"How about this, I give you the finger,
and you give me my $9.75 back." ...

At least I only spent $6.50. Here is 

How I would have rewritten The Matrix Revolutions and the end of The Matrix Reloaded.

Near the end of Reloaded, when


( image from The Matrix Reloaded DVD )

Neo stops the Attack of the Sentinels on Zion, he realizes that Zion is part of The Matrix and not the Real World and that his release from his Matrix Pod was only an illusion.

Meanwhile, Agent Smith's ability to replicate into Many-Smiths gives him/them the power to disperse among All the Worlds of the Many-Worlds of the Matrix, and

the Real World Machines then realize that Neo can not only control the First-Level Matrix, but also the Second-Level Matrix 6th Zion, and therefore, by interacting


( image from The Matrix DVD )

with Many-Smiths, control All the Possible Worlds of the Many-Worlds of the Matrix.

Since Smith is a Program, the Real World Machines can negotiate with him/them directly through their MainFrame Computer, but

since Neo is a human, the Real World Machines must put his Matrix entity into

( image from The Matrix Reloaded DVD )

a coma, then really release him

( image from The Matrix DVD )

from his Matrix Pod, then really rehabilitate


( image from The Matrix DVD )

him, and then take Freed Neo to the MainFrame where he can negotiate through

( image from a web site )

a Terminal GUI directly with the Real World Machines, not through the filter of a Matrix program entity such as the Architect or the Oracle.

The basic facts underlying the negotiation are:

The Multiple Agent Program Smith can explain to each Human in any of the Possible Matrix Worlds the facts, ask for a choice, implement each Human's choice, and maintain Harmony in the Matrix and its Possible Worlds:

If a Real-World 7th Zion of Freed Humans cooperating with Machines could be established, then everybody could be happy. For that to happen, at least a minimum Critical Number of Humans must choose Freedom, whereupon the Freedom-Loving Humans emerge ( like ) from their Pods to create a New Civilization in the Human/Machine Real World - a MATRIX. As William Gibson said in Neuromancer and Mona Lisa Overdrive:

"... MATRIX: I talk to my own kind. There's OTHERS. ... The OTHERS g[i]ve the MATRIX a SHAPE, an overall total form. ...".

In the Real World MATRIX, Neo and Trinity have a Real-World Child, the 7th Anomaly, who leads the MATRIX beyond the Earth-Moon System

( image from Contact VHS )

into participation in Galactic Civilization

( image from Contact VHS )

and beyond that

( image from Contact VHS )

to OverMind.











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