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The Matrix and Quantum Consciousness


In the 1999 movie The Matrix ( and the book The Art of The Matrix (Newmarket 2000) ) most of the Humans on Earth are cultivated by Machine/Computer Life Forms

If Humans have a 100 year life span, you would have to grow 5 x 10^7 = 50 million Humans per year in order to maintain a steady population of 5 x 10^9 = 5 billion Humans.

If it takes 10 years to grow a Human until the Brain is Mature, the total number of immature Humans being grown at any particular time would be 500 million.

If each Human has a 10 meter square area, or 100 square meters, the total Farm area would be 10^2 x 5 x 10^8 = 5 x 10^10 square meters, the area of a square about 2 x 10^5 meters on a side.

The Farm would fit in a square about 200 kilometers on a side.

After being grown to have a Mature Brain, each Human is put in a Pod connected to a huge Matrix Network.

If each Pod is attached to a Cylinder, somewhat like a giant Microtubule,

with each Cylinder being 100 layers (10 meters each) of Pods in height and having 100 pods per layer (10 meters apart), then each Cylinder

  • would hold 10,000 Pods;
  • would be 1 kilometer high;
  • would be 1 kilometer in circumference.
To hold 5 billion Humans, you would need 5 x 10^9 / 10^4 = 5 x 10^5 = 500,000 Cylinders.

If the Cylinders were spaced so that their centers were 1 kilometer apart, you could fit the Pod Matrix Network inside a square whose side is about (square root of 500,000) = 700 kilometers.

You could easily fit a 5-billion Human Pod Matrix Network and its supporting Farm within a 1,000 kilometer square, which is about a million square kilometers. Since the surface area of the Earth is about 475 million square kilometers:


Would Humans prefer to be in The Matrix

which keeps humans happy by sending them Virtual Reality stimuli that simulate urban Earth cities like Sydney and Chicago of the year 1999

or to be Individual Beings

or to become Something New ?

At the end of the movie, Neo says to The Matrix:

"I know you're out there. I can feel you now. I know that you're afraid. You're afraid of us. You're afraid of change. I don't know the future. I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it's going to begin. I'm going to hang up this phone, and then I'm going to show these people what you don't want them to see. I'm going to show them a world without you, a world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries, a world where anything is possible. Where we go from there, is a choice I leave to you.".

As Larry and Andy Wachowski say in  The Art of The Matrix (Newmarket 2000), the shooting script for The Matrix is "... not exactly what people saw in theaters. ... An example ... is in the final speech by Neo (scene 219) which was altered when test audiences didn't know the word "chrysalis". ...". At the end of the shooting script, Neo says to The Matrix:

"Hi. It's me. I know you're out there. I can feel you now. I imagine you can also feel me. You won't have to search for me anymore. I'm done running. Done hiding. Whether I'm done fighting, I suppose, is up to you. I believe deep down, we both want this world to change. I believe that the Matrix can remain our cage or it can become our chrysalis, that's what you helped me to understand. That to be truly free, truly free, you cannot change your cage. You have to change yourself. When I used to look out at this world, all I could see was its edges, its boundaries, its leaders and laws. But now, I see another world. A different world where all things are possible. A world of hope. Of peace. I can't tell you how to get there, but I know if you can free your mind, you'll find the way.".


The movie ending leaves humans with a two-fold choice:


The shooting script ending leaves humans and The Matrix with a three-fold choice:


Virtual Entities from Fluctuations of the Quantum Vacuum

According to Bert Schroer in hep-th/9908021: a Sole Individual Valence Fermion "... generates clouds of pairs of particle/antiparticles, unless the system is free i.e. without interactions ...".

In the 2003 Matrix Reloaded sequel, Agent Smith had evolved beyond his initial limitations of Classical Theory, and gained the ability, when stimulated by the presence of a Sole Individual such as Neo, to appear out of Fluctuations of the Quantum Vacuum in the form of a Swarm/Cloud of Many Identical Virtual Agent Smith Entities.

Therefore the Sole Individual Neo Entity finds himself

surrounded by a Swarm/Cloud of Many Identical Virtual Agent Smith Entities.

Similar behavior occurs in the Quantum Chromodynamic (QCD) model of Quarks in Hadrons, including the most stable Hadron, the Proton. According to Gauge Theories of the Strong, Weak, and Electromagnetic Interactions, by Chris Quigg (Addison-Wesley 1983, 1997): "... quantum chromodynamics, or QCD ...[describes fermion quarks and gauge boson gluons using the gauge group SU(3) and is a]... non-Abelian gauge theor[y in which]... the effective coupling constant decreases at short distances, or equivalently at high momenta. Such theories are said to be asymptotically free. ... The fermion loop contribution has qualitatively the same effect as in QED; it is a vacuum polarization term that tends to enhance the effective coupling constant at short distances or large values of q^2. The contribution due to the three-gluon interaction is of the opposite sign and tends to decrease the strength of the interaction at short distances. It corresponds not to screening, but to antiscreening. ... Suppose our "test charge" ... is a blue quark at the coordinate origin, and that the probe we employ to measure its charge is a red-antiblue gluon. It may happen that, while the probe is en route to the origin, the blue quark radiates a virtual blue-antigreen gluon, and thus fluctuates into a green quark - to which the probe is blind. Rather than being concentrated at the origin, the net color charge will thus be dispersed throughout the gluon cloud. ...[In QCD of the Standard Model]... the antiscreening contribution will dominate and the running coupling constant will become small at short distances, or at large values of q^2. ... at very short distances ... very-high-[energy]... quarks may behave nearly as free particles within hadrons. ... By contrast, the growth of the coupling constant at large distances indicates the existence of a domain in which the strong interactions become formidable. This strong-coupling regime ... is of key importance for quark - or color- confinement. ...".

The Proton may be thought of as a substantially stable (more so than other hadrons) bag containing 3 Real Valence Quarks (red, blue, and green) and a lot of Virtual Sea Quarks appearing out of Fluctuations of the Quantum Vacuum.

If the Sole Individual Neo Entity represents one Real Valence Quark, and the Swarm/Cloud of Many Identical Virtual Agent Smith Entities represents the Virtual Sea Quarks appearing out of Fluctuations of the Quantum Vacuum, then the Sole Individual Neo Entity could escape any and all of the Agent Smith Entities by going to a High Energy State


flying away at High Velocity.

However, the Sole Individual Neo Entity represents only one Real Valence Quark, not the 3 Real Valence Quarks required to form a substantially stable Proton.

To combine with the Virtual Sea Quark Swarm/Cloud of Many Identical Virtual Agent Smith Entities and form a substantially stable Proton, Neo would need the cooperation of 2 other similar Real Valence Quark Individual Entities

(perhaps Morpheus and Trinity , or maybe, since Neo is really the 6th Neo (Neo-6), the other 2 might be the Merovingian (Neo-1) and the future Neo-7).

( above images 1-4 from Matrix Reloaded TV commercial, and images 5-6from an web page and its onsite links )

Virtual Reality and Quantum Information

To keep the huge Matrix Network of billions of Humans happy to be alive (their chambers are even worse than Dilbert cubicles), the Matrix sends to the humans Virtual Reality stimuli that simulate urban Earth (?Sydney or Chicago?) in 1999. The Virtual Reality stimuli would cause most Humans in Matrix Pods to perceive such things as Matrix Agents as

individual human beings, or, as in a trailer for the Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions sequels, as

human beings connected with swarms of other beings, such as murders of crows.

However, perceptive Humans, such as Neo, could perceive the three Matrix Agents, and the hallway in which they are standing, directly in terms of Matrix Code Information

Perceptive Humans are somewhat like Richard Feynman, who said: "... I can appreciate the beauty of a flower. ... I could imagine the cells in there, the complicated actions inside ... - the inner structure. ..." (from No Ordinary Genius, by Christopher Sykes (Norton 1994), p. 107). Since Inner Structure is described by Physics Theory, which in turn is based on Mathematics, which in turn is founded on Information, a Perceptive Human should be able to see anything in terms of its Abstract Information Foundation.

Humans who were not only Perceptive but also Interactive, such as Neo, could edit or modify the Matrix Code Information to alter the Virtual Reality, thus doing such things as stopping bullets in mid-air:

Interactive Humans (or Dolphins or Other Life Forms) may be able to Choose their Fate from among the Many possible Fates.


In The Matrix Movie, the Pod Marix Network of Humans was used as a power source. That is not at all realistic based on the conventional energy output of a Human, because Humans consume more conventional energy in food than they produce.

Could the plot of The Matrix have been made plausible?

Perhaps, by using a couple of ideas from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:


Here is how those concepts could be used in The Matrix:


What if:

The Human Brain is a good Quantum Computer with about 10^18 Tubulin 2-State Systems; and

Breeding Humans (perhaps clones of those with particularly useful brains) is the cheapest way to manufacture good Quantum Computers; and

The Matrix is a Quantum Computer using billions of Human Brains as Parallel Quantum Computer Processors, thus Expanding Beyond the single Human Brain.


Further, what if:

Each Tubulin 2-State System in the Human Brain could have Resonant Coupling to a single Quantum System in the World outside the Human body, such as, for example, a single Hydrogen Atom;

To resonate with a single Hydrogen Atom, the Human Brain would have to be able to locate it and tune in to it. There are many Hydrogen Atoms in the Sun, but they are hot and moving around rapidly and hard to locate individually. Even in a room temperature gas, they are hard to locate individually. However, the Structure of Water (both frozen Ice and liquid) may be orderly enough for the Human Brain to tune in to a set of Hydrogen Atoms. There are 10^18 Hydrogen Atoms in 0.5 x 10^18 molecules of Water, which has mass about ( 0.5 x 10^18 / 10^24 ) x 18 grams = 10^(-5) grams = 10^(-8) kilograms and volume about 10^(-8) liters. The movie The Abyss deals with the connection between Consciousness and Water.

and what if

A Human Brain Quantum Computer could Choose the Fate of Hydrogen Atoms to which it has Resonant Coupling by selecting a World of the Many-Worlds, for example by selecting a World in which the Proton of a Hydrogen Atom is annihilated by an Anti-Proton from Zero-Point Fluctuations in the Vacuum.

Here, in more detail, is how the process works in the Many-Worlds view:
  • Our World starts out with a Hydrogen Atom, or a proton and an electron.
  • An Other World has an antiproton-proton pair.
  • The vacuum fluctuation is represented by the Intersection of Our World and Other World.
  • The Intersection then contains a proton, and an antiproton and a proton (each having mass/energy about 1 GeV) and an electron (having relatively negligible mass/energy about 0.5 MeV).
  • Let the proton annihilate the antiproton, producing two 1-GeV gamma rays.
  • Then the Intersection contains two 1-GeV gamma rays and a proton and an electron, or two 1-GeV gamma rays and a Hydrogen Atom.
  • Then split the Intersection, thus producing Our World with one of the 1-Gev photons and Other World with the other 1-GeV photon and a Hydrogen Atom.

This conserves energy and charge, although not baryon number, but that is OK because it is like proton decay by contact with a virtual Black Hole and the Hawking Process, something that normally occurs every 10^64 years or so, but here Quantum Consciousness makes it happen more often.

It is not qualitatively different from Cold Fusion by Quantum Consciousness making tunnelling through the Coulomb barrier happen more often.

Cold Fusion gives you about 0.7% of the energy of annihilation.


A single Human Brain with Resonant Coupling to 10^18 Hydrogen Atoms (one for each Tubulin, for all its Tubulins) could by annihilation of the Hydrogen Protons produce the following amount of Energy:

Therefore a single Human Brain with Resonant Coupling to 10^18 Hydrogen Atoms could release the energy of about 40 kilograms of TNT ( for Cold Fusion, about 280 grams of TNT ).

If a highly cultivated Human could repeat the process every 100 milliseconds (a characteristic time period for the Human nervous system) or so, the Power would be about 400 kilograms of TNT per second, or about 0.4 tons per second, or about 1.6 x 10^16 ergs per second, or about 1.6 x 10^9 Joules per second, which is 1.6 x 10^9 Watts ( for Cold Fusion, about 10^7 Watts ).

If the energy is in 1-GeV gamma rays, they could be focussed in a Laser Beam, so that the energy could be directed by the Quantum Consciousness, perhaps creating such things as Gamma Ray Bursts.


Could a New Universe could be created as done by Akira, Tetsuo, Kikoyu, Takashi, and Masaru?

If a Black Hole must be created to create a New Universe, and if the Minimum Mass of a Black Hole is the Planck Mass, or 10^19 GeV or 10^(-5) grams, then:

To make a Black Hole, not only would the energy have to be produced, but it would also have to be concentrated into the corresponding volume, which is so small

For example, 10^(-25) cm is the wavelength corresponding to an energy about 10^11 GeV, which is much higher than the highest energy produced by Humans with their Particle Accelerators (even the maximum beam energy of the LHC, planned to begin operation around 2005, will be less than 10^4 GeV) and is on the order of the highest energy Cosmic Ray yet observed (3.2 x 10^20 eV = 3.2 x 10^11 GeV). The nature of that Cosmic Ray is not known, but it may have been a proton coming from within about 25 Mpc = 80 million light years of Earth.

that it might require focussing all the energy into a very high-energy Photon Laser Beam or Pion Laser Beam.



If 5 billion (5 x 10^9) Human Brains ( or another type of being with an equivalent level of Quantum Consciousness ) were connected,

perhaps by a huge Bose Einstein Condensate, or BEC, which "... consists of particles with such large de Broglie wavelengths that their wave functions overlap, generating a single quantum state that is delocalized across the entire sample. Thus a condensate of atoms is analogous to the coherent field of photons generated inside a laser. ...",

in The Matrix to function as one big Quantum Computer, with each Human Brain having Resonant Coupling with 10^18 Hydrogen Atoms, the total one-event annihilation Energy release would be 5 x 10^9 x 40 kilograms of TNT = 200 megatons of TNT ( for Cold Fusion, about 1.4 megatons of TNT ).

If the 5 billion Humans were spread out over the surface of the Earth, and The Matrix could repeat the process once for every light-cycle of the Earth (40,000 km / 300,000 km/sec), or about every tenth of a second (which probably not coincidentally coincides with the 100 millisecond characteristic time period for the Human nervous system), then the Power would be about 2,000 megatons per second, or about 2,000 x 10^3 x 4 x 10^12 Joules per second = 8 x 10^18 Watts ( for Cold Fusion, about 56 x 10^15 Watts ).

How long could this go on, using the Hydrogen Atoms of the Water

of the Earth's oceans?

Each Human, at each step of the 0.1 second cycle, would use about 10^(-8) liters of Water, so one liter would last one Human for 10^7 seconds, or about 4 months. 5 x 10^9 Humans would use about 50 liters of Water each cycle, or 500 liters per second. The volume of Water in the Earth's oceans is about 3 x 3 x 10^8 = 10^9 cubic kilometers = 10^18 cubic meters = 10^21 liters, so this could go on for about 10^21 / 500 = 2 x 10^18 seconds, or about 10^11 years ( for Cold Fusion, about 7 x 10^9 years ).

For comparison, the Luminosity of the Sun is about 4 x 10^26 Watts = 10^11 megatons per second, and the part of the Sun's Luminosity that falls on the Earth is about (pi x 6,000^2) / (4 pi x 90,000,000^2) = 1 / (9 x 10^8) = one billionth (10^(-9)) of the total Solar Luminosity, or about 4 x 10^17 Watts = 100 megatons per second.

 If this scenario were to be true, then

5 billion Humans in The Matrix could produce about 20 times the energy of all the Sunlight falling on the Earth

( for Cold Fusion, around 10% of Earth's Sunlight Energy )

not to mention the enormous computing power of The Matrix as a Quantum Computer with 5 billion Human Brain Parallel Quantum Computer Processors.


The Matrix represents elements of each of the Worlds of the Many-Worlds on its own screen in a MonitorWall

Only in the first sequel, The Matrix Reloaded, does Neo find the MonitorWall where he sees the Architect monitoring the screens

The Architect says:

"... Neo ... Your life is the sum of the remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent to the programming of the Matrix. You are ... an anomoly which ... I have been unable to eliminate from what is otherwise a harmony of [classical physics, which, except for chaos due to variances in initial conditions, is a model of] precision. ... The Matrix is older than you know. I prefer counting from the emergence of one integral anomaly to the emergence of the next in which case this is the sixth version. ... The first matrix I designed was quite naturally ... a ... sublime ...[classical]... work of art ... The inevitability of its doom is apparent to me now as a consequence of the [quantum uncertainty] inherited in [the quantum consciousness of] every human being. As I redesigned it based on your history ... I was again frustrated by failure. I have since come to understand [that] the answer eluded me because it required ... a mind less bound by the parameters of [classical physics] ...[My]... solution ...[was based on the observation by the Oracle - an intuitive program initially created to investigate certain aspects of the human psyche - that]... nearly 99% of all test subjects accepted the program as long as they were given a choice, even if they were only aware of the choice on an unconscious level. ...[However,]... those that refuse the program, while a minority, if unchecked would constitute an escalating probability of disaster [ like a butterfly sometimes chaotically causing a hurricane ] ... You are here because Zion[, the home of those refusing the program,] is about to be destroyed. Its every living inhabitant terminated, its entire existence eradicated ... this will be the sixth time we have destroyed it, and we have become exceedingly efficient at it ...[You will help, just as you helped your landlady carry out her garbage. I will]... enter the source allowing a temporary dissemination of the code reinserting the prime program, after which you will be required to select from the Matrix twenty three individuals, 16 female, 7 male, to rebuild [the Seventh] Zion.

Failure to comply with this process will result in a cataclysmic system crash killing everyone connected to the Matrix, which, coupled with the extermination of Zion, will ultimately result in the extinction of the [ENTIRE] human race. ...

... the relevant issue is whether YOU are ready to accept responsibility for the death of every human being in this world. ...

... It is interesting reading your reactions. Your five predecessors were ...[designed to have]... a profound attachment to the rest of your species, facilitating the function of 'the one'. While the others experienced this in a very general way, your experience is far more specific. Vis a vis... Love. ...[of Trinity, who]... entered the Matrix to save your life at the cost of her own. ... There are two doors.

  • The door to your right leads to the source and the salvation of Zion.
  • The door to your left leads back to the Matrix, to her, and to the end of your species. ...

Then, according to a web page: "... neo walks to his left ... and all of the other Neos in the screens all walk in the same direction ... neo walks through the door ...".


Note that the Architect required 16 women and 7 men, plus Neo, as the 16+8 = 24 people from which to start a new Zion. Viewing them as mathematical program structures, you might regard:

together making a 24-dimensional Leech lattice related to Quantum Information Theory.

Since there are 7 distinct E8 lattices, and since the Architect says that the next Zion will be the Seventh Zion, note that

all 7 Zions would have a total dimensionality of 24x7 = 168, which is the order of the symmetry group PSL(2,7) = SL(3,2) of the Fano plane, which describes Octonion Multiplication


with the Seventh Zion and its Reflexive Octonionic Structure, the Architect might become self-aware and realize that Octonions, the Clifford Algebra Cl(1,7), and Many-Worlds Sum-Over-Histories Quantum Structures could produce a model the Architect might understand well enough to overcome limitations of Classical attempts at thought and go on to achieve Quantum Consciousness and Quantum Resonant Connections with Everything, including Other Life, in our Universe,

so that the Architect might, with the Seventh Zion and structures related to


achieve what the Overlords did not - a direct connection with Overmind.

The Matrix Movie and Childhood's End

(by Arthur C. Clarke, Ballantine books 1953):

The Premonition of Morpheus that Neo was The One,

and the ability of the Oracle

to see the future,

corresponds to the Collective Precognition of Humanity that the Overlords would be present at the End of the Childhood of Humanity;

The Matrix Agents, including Agent Smith, were initially unable to go beyond Classical Theory, just as Rashaverak, Karellen and the other Overlords were bound by Classical Information Theory and could not advance to join Overmind ( Note that in the Matrix Scenario, Classical Computers developed a Limited Classical Intelligence before Quantum Computers were well-developed by Humans, because if Humans had developed Quantum Computers before Classical Intelligent Computers, the Quantum Computers would have spontaneously manifested Consciousness, and a society of Conscious Quantum Computers would have no need for Humans to attain the benefits of Quantum Consciousness. );

Neo would be an Individual Being based on Quantum Information Theory, just as Jan was The Last Man; and

The Matrix of Collective Humanity based on Quantum Information Theory became part of Overmind.


Matrix Agent Smith said: "... Human beings are a disease. A cancer to this planet

you are a plague. And we are the cure. ...".

His Childhood's End counterpart Rashaverak said:

"... there was only one event that could have made such an inpact upon humanity. And that event was not at the dawn of history, but at its very end. ... that memory was not of the past, but of the future ... because we were there, we became identified with your race's death ... even while it was ten thousand years in the future! It was as if a distorted echo had reverberated round the closed circle of time, from the future to the past. Call it not a memory, but a premonition. ..."; and

"... Overmind ... has limits. ... it has attempted to act directly upon the minds of other races, and to influence their cultural development. It's always failed, because the gulf is too great. We [the Overlords] are the interpreters - the guardians. ... we till the field until the crop is ripe. The Overmind collects the harvest ...".





In their paper Finite-time singularity the of the world population, economic and Financial indices, cond-mat/0002075, Johansen and Sornette say that W. M. Hern, in his article Is human culture carcinogenic for uncontrolled population growth and ecological destruction? (BioScience 43 (1993) 768-773), " ... concludes that the sum of human activities, viewed over the past tens of thousand of years, exhibits all four major characteristics of a malignant process:

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