Tarot, Physics, and Sting:

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To see the Tarot structure of the D4-D5-E6 physics model, 
start with the minor arcana card 2 of cups, 
and add cards as follows:  

This is Spin(2) = U(1)                                   

This is Spin(3) = SU(2) = Sp(1) = S3 
   2w   4c               
2c         2p                             
   2s   4p                         

This hexagon is Spin(4) = Spin(3)xSpin(3) 
                        = SU(2)xSU(2)
                        = Sp(1)xSp(1)   
                        = S3 x S3

With Minkowski signature, it is Spin(1,3). 

      4w   6c   6w                     
   2w   4c         8c                
2c         2p                             
   2s   4p                         

This is Spin(2,3) = Sp(2).
      4w   6c   6w                     
   2w   4c         8c                
2c         2p         8p                    
   2s   4p         8p                

      4s   6p   6s               

This nest of 2 hexagons is Spin(2,4) = SU(2,2).
Euclidean signature gives Spin(6) = SU(4).
        3s   7p   3w   5c                 
      4w   6c   6w        5w               
   2w   4c         8w         3c         
2c         2p         8p                    
   2s   4p         8s                

      4s   6p   6s               

This is Spin(7).

        3s   7p   3w   5c                 
      4w   6c   6w        5w               
   2w   4c         8w         3c         
2c         2p         8p        8c               
   2s   4p         8s         7c          

      4s   6p   6s        5s          

        7s   3p   7w   5p             

This is D4 of Spin(1,7) and Spin(8). 
Compare the 28 Hsiu. 

Now there are 3 nested hexagons.

The 16 blue points generate U(2,2) = SU(2,2)xU(1) = Spin(2,4)xU(1).
The 8 red points generate SU(3).
The 4 green points generate U(2) = SU(2)xU(1).
           9c   9p   9w   9s  10c

        3s   7p   3w   5c         10p        
      4w   6c   6w        5w          10w       
   2w   4c         8w         3c          10s
2c         2p         8p        8c               
   2s   4p         8s         7c          

      4s   6p   6s        5s          

        7s   3p   7w   5p             

This is Spin(9).  
           9c   9p   9w   9s  10c

        3s   7p   3w   5c         10p        
      4w   6c   6w        5w          10w       
   2w   4c         8w         3c          10s
2c         2p         8p        8c             Fo   
   2s   4p         8s         7c           Hr

      4s   6p   6s        5s           Em

        7s   3p   7w   5p          Pr    
           Pc   Pp   Pw   Ps   Es

This is D5 of Spin(1,9) = SL(2,O) and Spin(10) 
with dimension 45 = 28+16+1. 
The 16 form an 8-dim complex space 
with 8-dim real Shilov boundary.
Compare the 8 Immortals.  
Here there are4 nested hexagons.
To get to 78-dim E6 from 45-dim D5=Spin(10), 
you need 33 more cards:

16 = 4 aces, 4 jacks (knights), 4 queens, and 4 kings 
     from the minor arcana; 
1 = the devil; 
16 = all major arcana except fool, devil, 
     emperor, priestess, emperor, hierophant.  
Ac Nc Qc Kc Ap Np Qp Kp   Aw Nw Qw Kw As Ns Qs Ks
St Wh Jt Mg Wo Lv Ch Ht   Mo Sr Tm Js Su HM Dt Tw
They do NOT form more hexagons, 
as they represent spinor representations 
as opposed to vector representations, 

the final tarot pattern for E6 is 
the D5 4-level nest of hexagons plus the 33:   
           9c   9p   9w   9s  10c

        3s   7p   3w   5c         10p        
      4w   6c   6w        5w          10w       
   2w   4c         8w         3c          10s
2c         2p         8p        8c             Fo   
   2s   4p         8s         7c           Hr

      4s   6p   6s        5s           Em

        7s   3p   7w   5p          Pr    
           Pc   Pp   Pw   Ps   Es

Ac Jc Qc Kc Ap Jp Qp Kp   Aw Jw Qw Kw As Js Qs Ks
St Wh Jt Mg Wo Lv Ch Ht   Mo Sr Tm Js Su HM Dt Tw

In this interpretation, 
the Tarot cards correspond to physics as follows: 

c - cups = hearts
p - pentacles = diamonds
w - wands = clubs
s - swords = spades

   2c,2p,8p,8c (Cartan subalgebra)
8w,8s        - 16-dim U(2,2) = U(2,2)xU(1) = Spin(2,4)xU(1)

   3c,7c,      (Cartan subalgebra)
7s,3p,7w     - 8-dim SU(3)

   5p,5c,      (Cartan subalgebra)
5s           - 4-dim U(2) = SU(2)xU(1)

9c,9p,9w,9s - spacetime t,x,y,z

10c,10p,10w,10s - internal symmetry space

Fo - fool = joker - converts 
                    real spacetime and internal symmetry space
                    imaginary spacetime and internal symmetry space

Pc - page of cups - spacetime time t
Pp - page of pentacles - spacetime space x
Pw - page of wands - spacetime space y
Ps - page of swords - spacetime space z

Es - empress - internal symmetry space
Pr - priestess - internal symmetry space
Em - Emperor - internal symmetry space
Hr - hierophant - internal symmetry space


Ac - ace of cups - electron neutrino
Jc,Qc,Kc - jack, queen, king of cups 
         - red, blue, green down quarks

Ap - ace of pentacles - electron
Jp,Qp,Kp - jack, queen, king of pentacles
         - red, blue, green up quarks

Aw - ace of wands - electron anti-neutrino
Jw,Qw,Kw - jack, queen, king of wands 
         - red, blue, green down anti-quarks

As - ace of swords - positron
Js,Qs,Ks - jack, queen, king of swords
         - red, blue, green up anti-quarks

Dv - devil = joker2 - converts 
                      real fermion particles and antiparticles
                      imaginary fermion particles and antiparticles

St - stars - determine fates
           - electron neutrino 

Wh - wheel of fortune - used by magician to make judgment
                      - red down quark
Jt - judgment - made by magician using wheel
              - blue down quark
Mg - magician - uses wheel to make judgment
              - green down quark

Wo - world - people whose fates are determined
           - electron

Lv - lovers - lovers
            - red up quark
Ch - chariot - warriors
             - blue up quark
Ht - hermit - hermits
            - green up quark

Mo - Moon - factors in determining fates
          - electron anti-neutrino

Sr - strength 
              - red down anti-quark
Tm - temperance 
                - blue down anti-quark
Js - justice
             - green down anti-quark

Su - Sun - fates
                 - positron

HM - hanged man - pending judgment = uncertain
                - red up anti-quark
Dt - death - end of life
           - blue up anti-quark
Tw - tower - continue life
           - green up anti-quark


If you ignore the complex imaginary structure of 78-dim E6, 
you get 52-dim F4, with this 52-card physical interpretation: 

36 of Spin(9) and 16 of quarks and leptons form 52-dim F4. 

JH,QH,KH     JD,QD,KD     JC,QC,KC     JS,QS,KS    - quarks
   AH           AD           AC           AS       - leptons

28 of Spin(8) and 4 of spacetime and 4 of iss form 36-dim Spin(9).

  10H          10D          10C          10S       - iss = internal 
                                                     symmetry space

   9H           9D           9C           9S       - spacetime     

16 of U(2,2) and 8 of SU(3) and 4 of U(2) form 28-dim Spin(8). 

2H,4H,6H,8H  2D,4D,6D,8D  2C,4C,6C,8C  2S,4S,6S,8S - U(2,2)

  3H,7H        3D,7D        3C,7C        3S,7S     - SU(3)
   5H           5D           5C           5S       - U(2)


Sting and Tarot:


According to a web page reviewing a Sting CD-ROM: "... STING "All This Time" is a CD-ROM adventure ... released by Starwave in 1996 ... The 3D scrolling landscape contains numerous musical environments to explore where hidden tarot cards may be collected. Once all the cards are found, you are rewarded with a personal tarot card reading by Sting himself. ...".


According to an epinion review web page: "... Ten Summoner's Tales - Sting ... Ten Summoner's Tales was his sixth solo album produced early in 1993 ... TRACKS ... Shape Of My Heart (4:38) ... STING ON SHAPE OF MY HEART ... Thoughts from his 1993 Promotional Interview ...

"I wanted to write about a card player, a gambler who gambles not to win but to try and figure out something;

to figure out some kind of mystical logic in luck, or chance;

some kind of scientific, almost religious law.

So this guy's a philosopher, he's not playing for respect and he's not playing for money, he's just trying to figure out the law - there has to be some logic to it. ...

... The derivation of playing cards are actually tarot cards, and they are thousands of years old ..."

... FEATURED ARTIST ON SHAPE OF MY HEART ... Larry Adler, who haunts this track with his soulful harmonica, was blacklisted during the McCarthy era of the 1940s. He has lived in London ever since. Adler has played with the best of history's great bands and musicians, including Gershwin. Sting handpicked him to compliment this particular song's lyrics. ... LYRICS... Shape Of My Heart ... Written by: Sting & Dominic Miller ...


He deals the cards as a meditation
And those he plays never suspect
He doesn't play for the money he wins
He do[es]n't play for respect
He deals the cards to find the answer
The sacred geometry of chance
The hidden law of a probable outcome
The numbers lead a dance
I know that the spades are the swords of a soldier
I know that the clubs are weapons of war
I know that diamonds mean money for this art
But that's not the shape of my heart
That's not the shape, the shape of my heart
That's not the shape, the shape of my heart ...


... The eldest of four children raised by working class parents, Gordon Matthew Sumner began his adult life as a ditch digger. In 1974, after attaining his teaching license, he became an instructor in a Roman Catholic high school. Sumner eventually became a jazz musician in the late 1970s. Sumner joined many jazz bands during the early part of his musical career, including The Phoenix Jazzmen, who dubbed him 'Sting' (short for 'Stinger') after he arrived at a jam session dressed in a black and yellow rugby shirt, resembling a bumble bee. The name stuck.

When he met US citizen and drummer, Stewart Copeland, in a London pub the week following New Years Eve in 1977, Sting decided it was time to try to create his own band. Only four days later, he began rehearsing with guitarist Henri Padovani and Copeland in the latter's studio. In six months, (following several successful local gigs), Sting and Copeland were introduced to guitarist Andy Summers and the punk rock band known as The Police) was borne. ... In 1984, after nearly *eight years* of world-renowned successes as a three-piece band, (mostly due to a change in style from punk to pop/rock), The Police quietly called it quits. ... he wrote poetry and lyrics, beginning his solo career in 1985. ...".

According to an Amazon review by Camille James Harman of Sting's 2003 memoir Broken Music:

"... Sting begins with an account of his and his wife's first ritual drink of ayahuasca in 1987 in Brazil. ...".

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