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Bimini Site:

Under clear shallow water off Bimini, in the Bahamas, 
in the Gulf of Mexico - Caribbean Sea region, is 
a possible dressed masonry structure site. 

The Bimini site was described in 1996 on the NBC TV show 
Atlantis:  In Search of a Lost Continent.  

A close-up view shows rectangular stone blocks in a linear 
formation that has been identified by some as a road:  
However, to me, aerial views of the area look 
more like linear geological formations than a road:  
There are also some cylindrical structures that look like 
ruins of man-made columns to me, although they might 
be overgrown oil drums or fallen coral columns, 
which is why I think somebody ought to get one of them 
out of the sea and examine it: 
On the island of Bimini itself, an aerial view shows 
a hundred-meter picture of a shark 
that definitely appears to be man-made:  
It is somewhat reminiscent of the Nazca lines, 
whose date (within the past 35,000 years) is unknown 
because the Nazca area has for at least that time been desert.  

Also unknown is the date of the shark picture 
and the column ruins.  



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