Neel & Smith

James Monroe Neel, Jr., and I (Frank Dodd (Tony) Smith, Jr.) were law partners in the Cartersville, Georgia, law firm of Neel & Smith for about 20 years from the 1960s until 1987, when I withdrew to spend more time on my physics work. Our office building was at 132 West Cherokee Avenue. Jimmy had the front ground floor office, and I had the back ground floor office, in the 2-story part of the building. Each office had a fireplace with gas logs, using a shared chimney.

On the night of Sunday 13 July 2003, as shown in this 15 July 2003 Daily Tribune News picture,

a tree fell on the building, which was then owned by William A. Neel, Jr. In December 2003 Billy decided to tear down the 2-story part of the building. This

is how it looked on 23 December 2003, after Federick Knight (and his sons Stiles and Stovall) had begun tearing it down.

As shown in this 2 January 2004 picture, the chimney was pulled down

around 9 AM EST 31 Dec 03. Jimmy Neel (who had suffered kidney failure and been enduring dialysis for years) died in his sleep 31 Dec 03 - 1 Jan 04.

The day the chimney fell was the day that Jimmy died.