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In 2002, the Cornell arXiv blacklisted me, but in November 2003 I was able to put on the web a revised version of my paper T-Quark Mass and Hyperfinite II1 von Neumann factor as EXT-2003-087 ( which supersedes earlier version EXT-2003-083 ) on CERN CDS


Many thanks to CERN CDS, because blacklisting had prevented me from posting that revised version on the Cornell arXiv.

On 15 January 1993 I put my first paper on the Los Alamos e-print archive, whose first web server was at URL MENTOR.LANL.GOV with the above logo of the Giza Pyramids. MENTOR was followed by the URL with which it now (1999) exists in parallel. Now (1999) a new URL exists in parallel with them, and there are many mirror archives. Listed below are some of the papers that I have put on the Los Alamos e-print archive. Click on the paper's title to see my local pdf file. Click on the paper's archive number to go to the e-print archive and see the paper's abstract.




The above papers are all but one of the papers that I have put up on the Los Alamos e-print archive. The other paper, Rb and Rc Crises, whose abstract is at hep-ph/9512438, should be disregarded because the experimental results on which it was based have been superseded. Why do I keep up a paper that I now think is wrong? To remind me that I do make mistakes, and that I should always be willing to discard theoretical models if and when experiment shows them to be wrong.

Note that:


After I read quant-ph/9806009, To Enjoy the Morning Flower in the Evening - What does the Appearance of Infinity in Physics Imply? by Guang-jiong Ni of the Department of Physics, Fudan University, Shanghai 200433, P. R. China, and the related paper hep-ph/9801264 by Guang-jiong Ni, Sen-yue Lou, Wen-fa Lu, and Ji-feng Yang, I revised my model with respect to the Higgs mechanism, getting a revised calculated Higgs scalar mass of about 146 GeV and a Higgs scalar field vacuum expectation value of about 252 GeV.

The archived papers listed above that contain my revised Higgs calculations ( as opposed to my older Higgs calculattions that I no longer believe to be correct ) are the (revised): Sun, 14 Jun 1998 09:14:26 GMT version of hep-ph/9708379 and the paper T-Quark Mass and Hyperfinite II1 von Neumann factor at physics/0207095. My WMAP ratio calculations were rejected by arXiv in February 2004.


Here is a 1998 ERRATA LIST for some of my papers.

Here are some Mirror Sites for the Los Alamos E-Print Archives:





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