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Jack Sarfatti, Nambu-Jona-Lasinio, and MacDowell-Mansouri


Jack Sarfatti has constructed a physics model with two basic structures:

In my opinion,


However, I think that Jack's model can be refined a bit to be even more realistic as follows:

1 - Make a Nambu-Jona-Lasinio (NJL) model with T-quark condensate playing the role of Jack's "negative energy virtual electron Dirac Sea". The Planck Length Lp emerges from NJL as the compositeness scale of the T-quark-antiquark pair Higgs condensate.

2 - Make a MacDowell-Mansouri gravity (MCDM) model in which the 4 anti-deSitter translations form the metric of Einstein gravity, just as in Jack's model.

3 - Combine NJL and MCDM by


The NJL T-quark-antiquark Higgs condensate acts through B on the MCDM gravity to effectively curve physical spacetime, which explains the connection between Higgs and Mass.


Here are some of my further comments:

The discussion above works well for an 8-dimensional spacetime reducible to a 4-dimensional Mindkowski physical spacetime plus a 4-dimensional CP2 internal symmetry space.

Pure NJL is non-renormalizable, but by adding gauge interactions and a 4-Fermi interaction (gauged 4F NJL) you get renormalizability. Further, you can eliminate the need for the 4-Fermi interaction by going to an 8-dim Kaluza-Klein NJL, and such an 8DKKNJL is really quite realistic. I like 8DKKNJL because it shows how Jack's model and my model are mutually consistent and fit together nicely.

Jack's "... toy model with G / H = S1 ..." might in a more nearly realistic version be G / H = Spin(2,3) / Spin(1,3) = anti-deSitter / Lorentz, in which case MCDM variation of B would lead to the usual Poincare/anti-deSitter phase of ordinary spacetime such as prevails within the orbit of Uranus.

Another realistic version might be use G = Spin(2,4) = SU(2,2) = Conformal Group, in which case MCDM variation of B would lead to the Segal conformal gravity phase of expanding spacetime such as prevails outside the orbit of Uranus.

Those 2 phases (with transition at the orbit of Uranus) explain the Pioneer anomalous acceleration, and are the underlying basis for Jack's 2-phase Hedgehog explanation of the Pioneer anomalous acceleration.

Since I think that Jack's construction of gravity from the B of I+B is equivalent to MCDM, and since MCDM is well known to produce spin-2 gravitons, I think that Jack's model does in fact effectively have spin-2 gravitons. However, Jack is correct when he says "... Quantized Gloldstone vibrations in argPSI are not spin 2 gravitons ..." because the NJL Goldstone bosons are the Higgs bosons.



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