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Pierre Teilhard de Chardin ...

a Jesuit who knew the Paris of Sacre Coeur and 
the Obelisk taken in 1836 from Luxor ...
... in an article written about 1927 after his first visit to China, 
first allowed himself - on the model of Suess's Biosphere - 
to use the term Noosphere for the Earth's thinking envelope, 
but that 
the vision itself had germinated ten years earlier in his mind 
through prolonged contact with the huge masses 
of mankind that were then facing one another in the trenches of France.  
Teilhard first did geological/paleontological work in China in 1923, 
when he was at 42 years old.  After he returned to France, 
his paleontological views on evolution caused him to 
be exiled back to China, where he discovered the skull of Peking Man.   
In 1946 he returned to France, and then went to America. 
He died in 1955 in New York City.  
Teilhard says that 
the Eastern religions are supremely universalistic and cosmic, 
and that 
his own individual faith was inevitably peculiarly 
sensitive to Eastern influences, 
but that 
he rejects Eastern religions because 
they hold that Matter is dead weight and illusion 
while Teilhard says that he believes that 
Matter is heavily loaded, throughout, with sublime potentialities.  

I think that Teilhard's description of Eastern religions is inaccurate, because, as Li Hongzhi has been teaching the general public since 1992:     Cultivation energy is energy, which is matter;   High-energy matter comes from Other Spaces;   By cultivating energy, a practitioner can Transcend the Five Elements and Transcend the Three Realms.     Prior to 1992, details of such high-level Cultivation Way were not taught to the general public.   Therefore, I think that Teilhard may have acquired much of his views indirectly through his Chinese experience, although he probably was not told about such Cultivation Way explicitly and directly by Chinese, since Teilhard did not speak Chinese and at times felt "submerged in the mass of the Chinese people, an enormous, inert, earthbound mass".  

What are Teilhard's basic conclusions?

That Mankind: 
will NOT drift biologically toward a state of growing granulation; 
will NOT turn to an escape from death by space-travel; 
will NOT simply decline towards a catastrophy or senility; 
BUT that Mankind WILL turn, by planetary arrangement and 
convergence of all elementary terrestrial reflections,towards 
a critical pole of reflections of a collective and higher order.  

These statements by Teilhard seem to me to be consistent

with Many-Worlds Quantum Theory:

The tempero-spatial ORGANICITY of the universe, 
whereby every element and every event are in reality 
 - by what leads up to them, 
by their present condition, 
and by what they will develop into - 
coextensive with the whole of a limitless spacetime.  
By ATOMICITY the self-organization of the world 
progresses only by dint of countless attempts to grope its way. 

Teilhard assumes these propositions:

Left to itself, matter tends to group itself into large molecules; 
Life is the natural continuation of this moleculization process; 
Life continues to become complexified externally 
and conscious internally, 
extending up to the psychological emergence of reflection; 
There are millions of galaxies in the universe; 
Proteins appear in the universe as soon as it is possible , 
and wherever it is possible; 
When life has taken hold on a star, 
it not only propagates itself on that star 
but carries itself as fas and to as high a degree as possible;
There are thousands of millions of solar systems in which life 
has the possibility of beginning and developed to a high degree; 

from which he concludes that:

if we could see the specific radiation of Noospheres 
scattered throughout space, 
it would be practically certain that 

we would see a cloud of thinking stars.

Teilhard described interaction among Noospheres 
by saying that life may perhaps one day 
... get into psychical touch with other focal points 
of consciousness across the abyss of space.  
The meeting and mutual fecundation of two Noospheres 
... is merely extending to psychical phenomena 
a scope no-one would think of denying to material phenomena. 
Consciousness would thus finally construct itself 
by a synthesis of plantary units. 
Why not, in a universe whose astral unit is the galaxy? 

Teilhard, as a devout Jesuit, reconciled his Christian religion with his conclusion of a universe filled with thinking stars by forseeing an inevitable welding together of science and mysticism in a great tide of released evolutive power with Christ identified (by direct extension of his theandric attributes and without thereby annihilating his historical reality) as the only possible God of an Evolutionary Convergence.  
Teilhard's view of historical Christ is consistent with the Chinese view of historical Jesus Christ as a Tathagata (like Buddha Sakyamuni and Lao Zi) who wanted to save all people, but was crucified because of conflicts among the different groups of people (and their corresponding different higher-level beings) and Teilhard's view of the God of Evolutionary Convergence is consistent with the Chinese concept of Original God that is unimaginable and beyond the reach of most cultivators.   The plane of Original God is represented by 0 in this mathematical representation of allspaces:   0   Cl(0) 1 R Tao, Simplex Physics Cl(1) 1 1 C Tai Ji Cl(2) 1 2 1 Q Yin-Yang, I Ching Cl(3) 1 3 3 1 O 3 Realms, Tai Hsuan Ching Cl(4) 1 4 6 4 1 S 5 Elements Cl(5) 1 5 10 10 5 1 M(4,C) Cl(6) 1 6 15 20 15 6 1 M(8,R), I Ching Cl(7) 1 7 21 35 35 21 7 1 M(8,R)+M(8,R), S7 {x} G2 Cl(8) 1 8 28 56 70 56 28 8 1 M(16,R), 8 Trigrams, Tarot, D4-D5-E6-E7 Physics 2^8 = 16x16 = 8x8 + 8x8 + 256 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1 + 8x8 + 8x8 256+1024+1792+1792+1120+448+112+16+1 = 3^8 Tai Hsuan Ching

where: {x} = twisted (fibration) product, (x) = tensor product, Cl = Clifford Algebra, R = Real Numbers, C = Complex Numbers, Q = Quaternions, O = Octonions, S = Sedenions (which are a NonDistributive Algebra), M(n,K) = nxn matrix algebra over the field K. Compare 0, the Chinese plane of Original God, to Teiohard de Chardin's God of Evolutionary Convergence, to Ahura Mazda, to the God of Akhenaton, to the God of Moses, and to the unitary/unifying God of Sufi Islam. The Binomial Triangle can represent Mount Meru.

Cl(8N) = Cl(8) (x)...(N times)...(x) Cl(8)  Many-Worlds Quantum Theory
                                            Cellular Automata   Wei Qi

Basins of Attraction interact by Zhen-Shan-Ren.


Sacre Coeur:
Around 1953, when Teilhard wrote The God of Evolution, 
he also wrote a litany on both sides of a picture of 
the Radiant Heart of Christ, or Sacre Coeur, 
which concludes: 
The focus of all reflection ... Heart of Jesus, 
heart of evolution, unite me to yourself (etc.)  
Much earlier, Teilhard had seen the symbol of the Sacred Heart 
as not a patch of crimson in the center of Jesus, 
but as a glowing core of fire that was universalized through Radiation. 
I do not know of any direct connection between Teilhard 
and the Basilique du Sacre Coeur de Montmartre in Paris.  
However, in my mind, they are related. 
The Catholicism of Teilhard is very similar to Chinese thought, 
Sacre Coeur is a Catholic Church that to me looks as though 
it was constructed as a Buddhist model of the cosmos: 
Here I have somewhat modified an illustration of a Tibetan Stupa 
(from The Mandala, by Martin Brauen (Shambhala 1997)) 
to compare it with a picture of Sacre Coeur 
(from All Paris, by Giovanna Magi (Bonechi 1995).  
The comparison is all the more vivid when 
you realize that Sacre Coeur is atop Montmartre, 
the Mountain of Martyrs 
(named for St. Dionysius who was beheaded there around 258 AD), 
the place where in 1871 hundreds of Communard Rebels 
hid in the chalk mines, and were entombed there 
when the Versailles troops blew up the exits.  
1871 was also the year France lost the Franco-Prussian War, 
and also about the time that Sacre Coeur was planned.  
The previous year, 1870, French troops abandoned Rome,
and the Papal States of Pius IX were succeeded by Italian
patriots including Giuseppi Garibaldi. 
Not only do the entombed Communards 
correspond to the Underworld Realms, 
but if you look below Sacre Coeur, 
you see that its surrounding neighborhood, 
at the base of Montmartre, is an area that today 
has much Underworld activity, crime, and prostitution. 
The Tibetan Stupa does not represent the plane of Original God, 
but, if you interpret 
the Human Realm of the Church, where the people worship, 
to correspond to the Spiritual Nature of Humans, 
the Underworld Realms, below the Church, 
to correspond to the Material World of Humans, 
then you have these correspondences: 
Cl(0)                  1                    R  Abstract Beings
Cl(1)                1   1                  C  Light Beings
Cl(2)              1   2   1                Q  Gods
Cl(3)            1   3   3   1              O  Guardians
Cl(4)          1   4   6   4   1            S  Spiritual Humans 
Cl(5), Cl(6), Cl(7), and Cl(8) combine to form 
Cl(8N) = Cl(8) (x)...(N times)...(x) Cl(8)  Material Human World 
The Material Human World stretches out below the Church, 
not only as Montmartre, but as the City of Paris, 
the Nation of France, and the Whole Earth. 
The overview of Sacre Coeur 
(from a postcard photo by Y. A. Bertrand - Explorer) 
shows that the central dome is surrounded by four other domes, 
corresponding to the 4 directions, and with the central dome, 
to the 5 elements of Taoism.  
The highest point of Sacre Coeur, 
the Bell Tower contains a 19-ton bell, the Savoyarde.   
As you can see from the first photo, 
the highest point, the Bell Tower, cannot be seen 
by humans entering Sacre Coeur from the front, 
much as humans cannot know the highest Tao. 
Further, Sacre Coeur faces South, as would a Chinese palace.  
The site of Sacre Coeur was not only named Montmartre 
in honor of St. Dionysius, but was also the site 
of a Benedictine abby founded in 1133 by Queen Adelaine of Savoy 
and was visited by Saint Joan of Arc and Saint Ignatius Loyola. 
The Montmartre neighborhood was frequented by artists, 
including Marcel Duchamp, in the years leading up to World War I. 
During World War I Teilhard refused a commission 
and served as stretcher-bearer for Moroccans and Algerian Zouaves, 
service for which he was awarded the Legion of Honor.  
In 1919, after the end of the War, Sacre Coeur was completed. 


Jean-Marie Lustiger, "... The Roman Catholic Cardinal Archbishop of Paris, although not expressly a Kabbalist, is a Jewish convert to the Church who continues to practice the Jewish Sabbath and other rituals which have strong Kabbalistic implications. (Incidently, this "Jewish" Cardinal is considered a strong contender for being elected Pope, and it is a Kabbalistic tradition that the Jewish Messiah will come when the Catholic Pope becomes a Jew.) ...", according to an article on the web site in January 2001, which may have been posted some time earlier.


In 1836, one of the two obelisks of Luxor was taken to Paris, where it is still located in the Place de la Concorde. The design of Luxor reflects the Tarot, the mathematical structures of the D4-D5-E6 physics model, and sedenions.    
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