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10 September 1999 = 1 Tishri (Rosh Hashana) 5760

In 5760, 1 Tishri begins sundown 10 September and ends sundown 11 September. The 12 months of the Jewish Calendar are:
  • Tishri - Rosh Hashana is 1 Tishri, Yom Kippur is 10 Tishri
  • Heshvan
  • Kislev - Hanukkah begins 25 Kislev
  • Tevet - Hanukkah ends 2 Tevet (if Kislev has 30 days)
  • Shevat
  • Adar - Purim is 14 Adar
  • Nisan - Pesah is 15-22 Nisan
  • Iyyar
  • Sivan - Shavuot is 6-7 Sivan
  • Tammuz
  • Av
  • Elul

Since the 12 lunar months are each 29 or 30 days, an extra month is added in some years to keep the lunar calendar in step with the solar year. The additional month is put between Shevat and Adar, and is called Adar I, with the standard Adar being Adar II in such years.

According to Stan Tenen "... there are 288 "sparks" that must fall away during every cycle of creation. ... One possible meaning is that at some level, "sparks" refer to "years" in the Messianic cycle. ... 5760 is ... a "generation of creation cycles." There are 20 ... to a generation ... 20 x 288 = 5760. ... the Christian ... followers ... back-adjusted the birth year ... so that their millennium, at 2000, would coincide with the true generational creation cycle at 5760. ...".

Click here to see why there were 288 sparks.

Why were there 20 cycles in a generation ?

The 20 in 5760 = 20 x 288 coincides with:

Here is some of the 288-year structure of History:  

Year -20 x 288 = -5760: 9520 BC - 11,600 years ago the Ice Age ended, and (according to Manetho) the Rule of Mortal Humans began.

During the next 20 x 288 = 5760 years, civilization was spread by Ethiopians, including Osiris of the Egyptian colony.

Year 0: 3760 BC - Egyptian Hieroglyphics appeared, fully developed, over 5000 years ago.

Year 1 x 288 = 288: 3472 BC - About 5400 years ago the Watson Brake Mound Complex was constructed in North America, and about 5300 years ago, the first of the Five Rulers of China, Fu Xi, discovered the Ho Tu pattern and the 8 trigrams of Fu Xi..

Year 7 x 288 = 2016: 1744 BC - Around 1753 BC, Lord Tang of the Shang Dynasty defeated the Xia emperor Jie.

Year 8 x 288 = 2304: 1456 BC - Zoroaster founded Zoroastrianism. Around 1350 BC Akhenaton brought monotheism to Egypt.

Year 9 x 288 = 2592: 1168 BC - Israelites left Egypt, Moses received the Torah, and they carried with them the Ark of the Covenant. About 1111 BC, Wu-Wang of the Zhou Dynasty defeated the Shang by following the plan received by his father Wen-Wang as a version of the I Ching.

Year 10 x 288 = 2880: 880 BC - The culmination of the power of Israel acccumulated under Solomon. In 883 BC the reign of Ashurnasirpal II in Assyria began, and Assyria ascended in power while Israel began to decline, leading to the defeat of Israel by Assyria around 722 BC. According to the Kbre Nege'st, the Ark of the Covenant (which may have contained at least part of the Torah) was taken to the Abyssinian Highlands around that time.

Year 11 x 288 = 3168: 592 BC - In 587 BC, Babyonia defeated Israel and took Israelis into captive exile. Around this time, Lao-Zi was in China and Sakyamuni Buddha was in India.

Year 13 x 288 = 3744: 16 BC - By that time, Taoist masters had disclosed such things as optical lenses, magnetic compasses, abacus computers, and gunpowder. Around 6 BC, Jesus of Nazareth was born.

Year 15 x 288 = 4320: 560 AD - Muhammad was born around 570 AD.

Year 18 x 288 = 5184: 1424 AD - Zhu Di, Emperor of China, died. Subsequently, Confucian isolationists prevailed over Taoists, and China lost its Vietnam war,lost its technological advantage over the rest of the world, lost the military means to export its inflated supply of paper money, and even lost its ability to prevent coastal raids by wako pirates.

Year 19 x 288 = 5472: 1712 AD - Scotland, Cymru (Wales), and England were united in 1707 AD, and Great Britain began the Industrial Revolution. Comet Sarabat came in 1729 and Solar sunspot activity increased.

Year 20 x 288 = 5760: 2000 AD - The immediate future begins, with technology capable of creation of a unified global political/economic system, and expansion beyond Earth.

5760 is the 60th anniversary year of my conception.

Why does the Christian 2000 AD fall in 5760 ?

I agree with Stan Tenen, who says: "... The story of the Christian prophet externalized and anthropomorphosizes the Pardes experience. The earlier followers of this belief certainly knew our [Judaic] calendar. I am claiming that they [early Christians] literally back-adjusted the birth year of their leader so that their millennium, at 2000, would coincide with the true generational creation cycle at 5760. Academic apologia that attempts to explain how the Christians got the birth year of their prophet wrong are pitifully ridiculous and implausible when you examine them closely. No such thing. It was not an accident that 2000 on their calendar coincides with 5760 on ours. They rigged it that way, so as to strengthen their claims for their prophet -- IMHO. ...".

As to the significance of 5760, Stan Tenen also says: "... a great opportunity for Moshiach, but it is certainly not for sure. That's up to us. If we cling to only the rote tradition and do not regain command of the science of consciousness -- the Kabbalah -- derived from Torah, which is really needed to accomplish the task, it won't happen. ... An embodied Moshiach can only appear in objective, external, consensus reality, _AFTER_ appearing in all of our private, subjective, conscious minds. ... In order to be able to do the Pardes meditation, it is necessary that a person make themselves into an appropriate vessel to receive the experience. The vessel is adherence to the 613 mitzvot. ... At the level of Adam Kadmon in the meditation, Adam Kadmon -- the archetypal human -- is literally bound by 365 restrictions (in time), and has 248 degrees of freedom (in space). The first verse of B'reshit -- the beginning of the Pardes meditation -- specifies this explicitly when the letters of the text are paired to form a geometric model of the meditational path. ... one of the things a soul learns in the Pardes meditation is a direct experience of the overwhelming Unity of G-d. The Unity of G-d in the meditation is the internal version of ... what the 613 mitzvot are externally. ... the basic requirement for being able to do the Pardes meditation -- integrity -- toku k'varo -- "his insides are like his outsides" (subjective and objective are the same). ... is an egoless condition, where our personal will is dissolved, and that's what enables us to stand in the wings of G-d's Will, to do the Pardes meditation, and to draw down Moshiach. ...".

In my opinion, Moshaich may not necessarily be manifested in the form of a single individual human, but may be manifested as a process of creating harmonious unity of all humans.


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