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LHC Higgs and E8 VoDou Physics

VoDou Physics and 130 GeV Truth Quark

My D4-D5-E6-E7-E8 VoDou Physics Model meets Einstein's Criterion:

"... a theorem which at present can not be based upon anything more than upon a faith in the simplicity, i.e., intelligibility, of nature: there are no arbitrary constants ... that is to say, nature is so constituted that it is possible logically to lay down such strongly determined laws that within these laws only rationally completely determined constants occur (not constants, therefore, whose numerical value could be changed without destroying the theory). ...".


Here is an Introduction to VoDou Physics.

The Truth Quark, through its strong interaction with Higgs Vacua, may have two excited energy levels at 225 GeV and 173 GeV, above a ground state at 130 GeV. The 173 GeV excited state may exist due to appearance of a Planck-energy vaccum with < phi_vac2 > = 10^19 GeV in addition to the low-energy Standard Model vacuum with < phi_vac1 > = 252 GeV.



Clifford Algebra Foundation of VoDou Physics:

Cl(8N) = 2^(8N) =

= Cl(8) x ...Ntimes... x Cl(8) = (2^8)^N

2^8 = 256 =
16 x 16 = 1 8 28 56 70 56 28 8 1

4 16 = U(2,2) = Spin(2,4) x U(1)
*-* (8) + (8)
4 12 = SU(3) x SU(2) x U(1)
-* or *-* (8,8) + (8,8)

*-* (8,8,8) + (8,8,8)
D4 D5 E6 E7
Spin(8) Spin(10)
28 8 (+1+8) 16 (+1+16) 27 (+1+27)
Gravity SpaceTime Fermions
16-U(4) 4 8 MacroSpace
Generation-1 of
Standard Model Internal Space AntiFermions Many-Worlds
12-SU(3)xSU(2)xU(1) 4 8

(The Lepton-Quark image to the above left is adapted from a Fermilab web page.)

The 24-cell shown above represents the 24 root vector gauge bosons of the 28-dimensional Spin(8) gauge group. The dual 24-cell


Together, the 24-cell plus its dual 24-cell correspond to the 48 root vector vertices of the 52-dimensional exceptional Lie algebra F4., and F4 can be thought of as the Real Part of the 52+26 = 78-dimensional Lie algebra E6 of the D4-D5-E6-E7-E8 VoDou Physics model.

Since my D4-D5-E6-E7-E8 Physics Model is based on the Cl(8) Clifford Algebra that is related to the 16x16 = 256 Odu of IFA, I think that my physics model is really in fact VoDou Physics, so I will sometimes call it that.

Tree level constituent Truth Quark mass = 130 GeV

Higgs mass = 146 GeV - Vacuum, Force Strengths, Particle Masses

Fine Structure Constant = 1/137.03608

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Here is a 1998 ERRATA LIST for some of my papers.


MORE PHYSICS can be found in HISTORY and MATH.

Since the Standard Model and Gravity seem to explain all the physics we observe

(172k audio)

Why do we need a TOE?

(153k audio)

The HyperDiamond Feynman Checkerboard D4-D5-E6-E7-E8 model is a Theory Of Everything, or TOE, in the sense that it describes all physical phenomena including Electromagnetism, the Weak Force, the Color Force, and Gravity.

(128k au)

 "... TOE is an attempt to find a deeper explanation of what's called the Standard Unified Field Theory. Strictly speaking, the SUFT is already a Theory of Everything: it does give a unified account of all the forces of nature. The whole point of moving beyond the Standard Unified Field Theory is that, one, it's an ugly mess, and two, you have to feed ten completely arbitrary parameters into the equations to make them work.

"...a TOE which unifies physics and information - which mixes the levels, and describes its own authority - is...more stable than any other possibility; it affirms itself, it tightens the knot.

"...[the] initial configuration [of information space can be called] Aleph...[which is] a snapshot of the [Information] Big Bang...The physical, primordial Big Bang is orders of magnitude simpler...Aleph contains a hundred million times more information; the idea of creating galaxies and DNA out of this is far less outlandish....the patterns...on the surface of Aleph were woven and re-woven in the surrounding information vacuum. It was like watching a dazzling new tapestry being [created, each] from the one beneath - ...a few features [are]: ...the [history] of the Earth, [and the] various geophysical and biological conclusions [that] feed into it ...the commonality of the genetic code, ...the underlying regularity in the chemistry of the elements - ... All of this follows logically from [Aleph] ... Zero, one, and addition are enough to imply [all the numbers], and more. The universe is no different. ...

"[After TOE is understood]...there are no more deep surprises - there's nothing left to learn about the reasons for the TOE, or the reasons for our own existence. But there'll be no end to discovering what the universe can contain; there'll always be new stories written in the TOE - new systems, new structures, explained into being.


"There might even be other minds on other worlds, ...

...the TOE is [something] we [would] have in common."


The quotations here are edited excerpts from a novel set in 2055 AD with Epilogue set in 2105 AD: DISTRESS, by Greg Egan (HarperCollins 1995). In it, the TOE paper was written by an intelligent software agent named Kaspar living on the internet. However, the TOE paper was not complete until a unifying Keystone was added - a human who read Kaspar's paper from the internet.

"...Kaspar...had done a good job [on] the paper...The first section...ended with the TOE equation [of Mosala, the physicist who used the Kaspar agent]...In the second section, Kaspar had trawled the databases for other references to the same mathematics, other resonances to the same abstractions - and in this scrupulously completist search, it had found enough parallels with information theory to push the TOE one step further....There could be no information without physics. Knowledge always had to be encoded as something....But there could be no physics without information. A universe of purely random events would be no universe at all. Deep patterns, powerful regularities, were the whole basis of existence.

"So - having determined which physical systems could share a universe - Kaspar had asked the question: which patterns of information could these systems encode?

"A second, analogous equation had emerged from the same mathematics...The informational TOE... an inevitable corollary [to the physical TOE]. Then Kaspar had unified the two, fitting them together like interlocking mirror images...

"[The Keystone human] saw the flaw in Kaspar's reasoning...Could one mind, alone, explain another into being? The TOE equation said nothing....all [the Keystone] had to do...was to give up...[being alone at the] center of the universe. ..."

Compare Akira:  
Neither Akira nor Tetsuo, alone, could create a new universe,
but both together, with help from others, did.



Another quote from the novel says why I like to use the name Truth Quark instead of Top Quark:

"The universe can't lie; it just does what it does..."



In a 1994 interview, Greg Egan says:

"... a single 0 and a single 1 are all you need to create all universes. You just re-use them."



Why I think that Superstrings are NOT a TOE:

In Phys. Lett. 149B (1984) 117, Green and Schwarz showed Superstring Theory to be anomaly-free. Richard Feynman said, in Davies and Brown, Superstrings, Cambridge 1988, pp. 194-195):

"... I do feel strongly that this is nonsense! ... I think all this superstring stuff is crazy and is in the wrong direction. ... I don't like it that they're not calculating anything. ... why are the masses of the various particles such as quarks what they are? All these numbers ... have no explanations in these string theories - absolutely none! ... "

I have agreed with Feynman's opinion about superstrings as a model of physics of particles and forces in 4-dimensional spacetime since 1984, when I began to construct a TOE (Theory Of Everything) physics model in which I can calculate particle masses (including the Truth Quark mass) and force strengths: the D4-D5-E6-E7-E8 VoDou Physics Model, in which the Geometry of the Super Implicate Order, or MacroSpace, can be described by the 27-complex-dimensional symmetric space E7 / E6xU(1), where String Theory in a 26-dimensional subspace can be used to describe Sarfatti Back-Reaction and Quantum Consciousness.

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